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WordPress now powers 30 percent of the web, according to data from web technology survey firm W3Techs. This represents a 5 percentage point increase in nearly two and a half years, after WordPress hit the 25 percent mark in November 2015. It’s worth noting here that this figure relates to the entire Web, regardless of whether a website uses a content management system (CMS) or not. If we’re looking at market share, WordPress actually claims 60.2 percent, up from 58.7 percent in November 2015. By comparison, its nearest CMS rival, Joomla, has seen its usage jump from 2.8 percent to 3.1 percent, while Drupal is up from 2.1 percent to 2.2 percent. That’s a whole lot of websites.

Hiring a WordPress developer or designer is never an easy task. The sheer number of potential applicants for a job posting can make it a real challenge to find someone who is both qualified and a good fit. Good WordPress developers are in high demand. Finding one who has time available to handle your project is not always an easy task but that depends largely on the size and complexity of your project. An individual who considers themselves to be a developer will usually have skills that include:

  • An in-depth knowledge of WordPress core, themes and plugins
  • PHP
  • Wordpress Design and Development - Designs by RonHTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA
  • ADOBE Design Software knowledge and proficiency
  • Possess Creativity
  • Search Engine Optimization Proficiency
  • A thorough and complete understanding of Google

Some of the key factors to look for are as follows. Good communication skills are probably the number one most important quality when you’re trying to hire someone to help with your WordPress project. Regardless of the size of your project, it’s important that you get along with your developer or designer. If you’re butting heads early in the project, things will only get worse. In most cases, I think you can get a very good feel for how the relationship will be with just one or two meetings. Trust your gut, and if things don’t feel right, look for someone else.

Almost as important as communication is the ability to be flexible. Small changes here and there are to be expected. As long as you’re not having them redo perfectly good work on a regular basis, everyone should be a happy camper. If you’re going to hire someone to develop an eCommerce store, it’s reasonable to expect that they have some experience developing eCommerce stores. Wordpress Coding - Designs by RonLikewise, if you’re hiring a designer, a portfolio of print items does not demonstrate the ability to design a user-friendly website. As you’re looking at their portfolio, make sure it contains projects that are comparable in size and scope to your project. Ask your potential WordPress professional about his or her portfolio. Is there one readily online for you to view? The work should be visually appealing and professional, not to mention current. If it’s been a year or more since the person has posted any new portfolio projects, that could be a red flag. Find out why and pay attention. Does he/she have projects that haven’t been finished?

One of the most important questions when choosing a WordPress professional is whether or not there are referrals you can contact. A reputable person or agency will be happy to provide you with names of clients you can talk to about provided services. Unwillingness to do this should be a huge warning sign. I actually include client contact information in my proposals so potential customers can contact those I’ve worked with to ask questions. If they act like they are hiding something, run the other way.

Finding the right developer or designer for your project doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Once you understand what kind of help you need, it’s just a case of making sure you’re hiring someone who has the qualifications that are required to see each stage of your project through to completion.

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