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Word Press needs updated, I can get it later. What about those plugin updates, they’re still working, I’ll get to it. Come on, how many times has this happened? Well, beware because its only a matter of time until something fails, and it will. Also, not updating themes, plugins and wordpress leaves the back door open to hackers through security holes. And that one-click word press update? Use with caution. Experts say that in itself if a 50/50 risk of errors. So what’s the foolproof every-month answer?

A WordPress Website Maintenance Plan Tailored Just For You.

Properly maintaining a word press website can be quite a task, especially if it’s a site that hasn’t been properly updated and maintained. That dictates the necessary installation of security plugins, cache plugins, and a reliable backup plugin. I’ve taken existing sites, perhaps 275 mb in size down, and replaced them with 6 gb full blown word press sites. Seeing, as how all sites are different in many aspects, one size package doesn’t seem to fit all. I customize my maintenance plans as per your specifications obtained through a conference in which options are delivered and decisions made, both as to cost and maintenance specifications.

WordPress Maintenance Services - Designs by RonOur WordPress Maintenance Services allows you to focus primarily “on” your business and get away from site-related everyday tasks. We will install a firewall to improve your websites security and monitor for malware 24/7. Slow page loading times are common for WordPress websites. We will tune up your site to speed up page loading times. We provide weekly WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin updates to keep your site in tip top shape. Scheduled off server backups of entire root directory and database.

Security is essential not just for business websites, but for all types of online platforms. When you perform regular maintenance to your business website, you ensure that it remains safe and secure — no unauthorized access, no hacking activities, no malware, and no security threats. The more secure your WordPress website it, the more your customers will trust in your business.

By updating and maintaining your WordPress website regularly, you are optimizing your website’s speed. And as you may already know, speed is one of the factors that Google considers when ranking websites on its search results. Therefore, as you continue to optimize the speed of your business website, you do not only increase your site’s load speed, you are also enhancing its overall web performance and SEO rankings.

Regular WordPress maintenance will check, evaluate, and fix code errors, outdated plugins, broken links, and slow website performance. This means that if you are able to capture all these issues before they cause serious glitches on your website, you can improve your site’s navigation and provide a better experience to your users.

Websites with unfixed errors and bugs will lead to poor user experience, and when this happens, you will not only lose customers, but traffic, revenue, and brand trust, as well.

Plugins | Updates

 Core | Theme | Plugins

Weekly pdating of core word press version releases, theme updates and configuration, plugin updates and configuration thereof.

Page Speed Optimization

W3 Total Cache

Advanced configuration of W3 Total Cache across site for page load optimization with responsive response for mobile devices.

Server & Database Backups


Advanced back-up of the whole website, its theme, database and plug-ins to protect against hacking or technical malfunction.

Word Press Security

Installing our WordPress security and firewall plug-in enables us to pre-emptively secure your WordPress website from intrusions.

Analytics | Reporting

Google Analytics configuration and setup. Integration with Google Webmaster Tools and Google My Business.

Content Creation

Content research and blog posting on a pre-determined number of posts per month and/or week. Image optimization and SEO of same.

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