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WebSite Design in Central Pa. - Designs by RonEvery website we build is designed to increase traffic and convert visitors. These websites are designed with the specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals and maximizing the reach and impact of your brand. With additional add-on plugins that allow you to optimize your website for search engines, integrate your email marketing and integrate your content with social media, you can achieve an effective on line presence tailored to your clientele and customer base.

If you look at a website like you look at a new car purchase, S.E.O. is basically the fuel for your online endeavour. You wouldn’t buy a car without a gas tank, so why “design” a website without “seo”. It makes the most sense and gives back the best results to implement a strategic search engine optimization plan from the initial onset of any and all designs.

GENERATE TRAFFIC – “findability”

As part of each website project, we conduct search engine key phrase query research into both your business and the industry thereof. Who’s doing what and how are they being found? Taking this data we then incorporate it into the page titles, (h) tags (headings), excerpts and snippets ; thereby conforming to web design standards as well as Google’s criteria.

Findability is a term for the ease with which information contained on a website can be found, both from outside the website (using search engines and the like) and by users already on the website. Properly functioning internal site search is very important for visitor retention and generating traffic to a website.


Design quality directly affects a visitor’s perception of a company. A great and eye-catching design creates trust. makes a memorable impression and compels action. Certain colors covey certain messages under different criteria and successful testing of any layout is essential. WebSite Design in Central Pa. - Designs by RonFor any effective marketing strategy to work your presence must

  • Communicate a sense of value quickly
  • Appeal to the targeted audience
  • Be user friendly

Want to lose traffic fast, have sloppy navigation or make it hard to negotiate the site. Often referred to as usability, this practice involves utilizing the strategic placement and prominence of call to actions, a user friendly menu bar with navigation “title” tags and a sensible page hierarchy and also a site search function that properly functions and is designed to the site’s style.

Sharing is caring – Social Media Integation

Everybody’s talking and there’s a conversation happening relevant to your industry, and some of that conversation can happen right within and on your website. With social media integration incorporated you are not only credible but now have a whole new marketing tool that is as vast number of users online worldwide. Basically it’s instantaneous world marketing.

Responsive Website Design - Designs by RonMobile-Friendly with Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures every page on the website is mobile-friendly. The website detects when a visitor is on a mobile device and adapts accordingly. With over 50% of web users now utilizing smart phones and tablets, it is vital that your site be designed accordingly. A poorly designed website that is non responsive is going to have a HUGE bounce rate with mobile users as it becomes almost senseless to even look at. Google even rewards “responsive website design” with a boost in search query results.

Website Development with ALL Critical Criteria


What my clients “say”

“OMG – it has ALWAYS been my dream to have an “inter-operable” website! lol! Seriously, thanks for all your help and I am very proud of what we came up with … certainly could not have done it without you and your mad programming skill”
Leann Murphy, Tcs-Audit
“I retained Ron’s services “on the spot” 11 years ago and he has since developed and has been designing all my online websites, maintains and runs my blogs, does my web site maintenance and numerous other design projects for me. Easy and pleasant to work with, delivers on time. He’s an integral and reliable part of my business now. Highly recommended..”
“I retained Ron to completely redesign and organize my entire site and collection online thereof. He worked with in a most efficient manner, with my being in Dijon, France and he being in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a remarkable job and accomplishment, and a lot of memories of pleasant hour long phone calls. He can do my work from here on out.”
Michael Evans, Michael Evans Fine Art
“We , at E.A.R.S., would like to express our appreciation for all of your time, talent and hard work in creating our fundraising calendar. We know it was a challenge but you did a beautiful job. The Calendar is something we can all be proud of, thanks to you. You are obviously very talented and we are very grateful. Thanks again.”
E.A.R.S. Board of Directors, Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary