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Wordpress Maintenance - Designs by Ron

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In this day and age, it is essential to have an online business presence. WordPress is the most popular content management system utilized by website owners. That being, it can be daunting for the average user to understand what is needed to maintain it to its optimum performance.

For a website to attract visitors, it is important that it is fast, efficient, and performance oriented. To maintain a SEO friendly website, a fair amount of maintenance is required on an ongoing basis. The content on the website may be just great, but you are not going to keep up the traffic to it unless it works like a finely tuned machine.Wordpress Maintenance - Designs by Ron

This can be a great distraction to a business. You don’t want to spend time tinkering with your website which you’d much rather devote to core business activities. For such busy people and for those who don’t care too much for technology, our wordpress maintenance services are a great solution.

One of the most important parts of owning and operating a website is maintaining it on a proactive basis. Don’t wait until it is several versions behind, has been hacked or slowed to a crawl, we can keep your site running well, now and into the future.

Today’s informed consumer is able to quickly find your website and digital marketing presence to assess your credibility and whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Don’t lose conversions with a stale, broken, or vulnerable website. Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads and strengthen brand authority. Designs by Ron can maintain your website so you can focus on running your business.

Within the scope of our maintenance services we focus upon these key areas within WordPress:

  1. Implementation of Security preventing malware and hacking
  2. Backups and off site storageWordpress Maintenance - Designs by Ron
  3. Regular updates of:
    1. Core Files
    2. Website Themes
    3. Plugins
  4. Performance and Monitoring
  5. On-call Support
  6. Webmaster Services

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What my clients “say”

“OMG – it has ALWAYS been my dream to have an “inter-operable” website! lol! Seriously, thanks for all your help and I am very proud of what we came up with … certainly could not have done it without you and your mad programming skill”
Leann Murphy, Tcs-Audit
“I retained Ron’s services “on the spot” 11 years ago and he has since developed and has been designing all my online websites, maintains and runs my blogs, does my web site maintenance and numerous other design projects for me. Easy and pleasant to work with, delivers on time. He’s an integral and reliable part of my business now. Highly recommended..”
“I retained Ron to completely redesign and organize my entire site and collection online thereof. He worked with in a most efficient manner, with my being in Dijon, France and he being in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a remarkable job and accomplishment, and a lot of memories of pleasant hour long phone calls. He can do my work from here on out.”
Michael Evans, Michael Evans Fine Art
“We , at E.A.R.S., would like to express our appreciation for all of your time, talent and hard work in creating our fundraising calendar. We know it was a challenge but you did a beautiful job. The Calendar is something we can all be proud of, thanks to you. You are obviously very talented and we are very grateful. Thanks again.”
E.A.R.S. Board of Directors, Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary