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Graphic Design in Central Pennsylvania - Designs by Ron


Designs by Ron offers a diverse selection of graphic design services for small businesses and individual enterprises. We do and have done calendar design and layout, business card design, letterheads and stationery, wedding invitations and thank you card design and layout and logo design and build for a wide range of clientele and businesses across a vast array of professions.Business Card Design - Designs by Ron

All designs are created within the Adobe Creative Suite Software and designed to specifications as per specifications provided and/or required. For a clean and polished professional look print media often requires specific considerations such as:

  • Critical elements should be at a minimum 1 ½ inch from the finished edge of the design.
  • Artwork to be printed on non-banner materials (i.e. vinyl, poster, etc) should be designed without cropping marks or bleeds.
  • Your artboard SHOULD have a single hairline box signifying the finished edge. If you require bleed, please size your hairline box accordingly.
  • When possible create ALL artwork within Vector Art Software. This will prevent resolution loss due to scaling and will also aid in retaining and achieving a smaller file size.

Not all graphics to be displayed require the same resolution. i.e. billboards on the side of a freeway commonly are printed at resolutions as low as 15 dpi, whereas printed graphics that would be viewed at eye level or POP commonly are printed at 600 dpi or greater. Make sure that the resolution is “appropriate” for your graphics and please refrain from sending files that are “overkill”. Files that we receive that are obviously “overkill” may be returned and a new file be requested.

  • Print Media
  • Logo Design
  • EARS Calendar Design - Designs by RonBanner & Ad Design
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Brochures & Pamphlets
  • Flip Book Design & Build
  • Calendar Layout & Design

Graphic Design Services - Designs by Ron

Website Development with ALL Critical Criteria


What my clients “say”

“OMG – it has ALWAYS been my dream to have an “inter-operable” website! lol! Seriously, thanks for all your help and I am very proud of what we came up with … certainly could not have done it without you and your mad programming skill”
Leann Murphy, Tcs-Audit
“I retained Ron’s services “on the spot” 11 years ago and he has since developed and has been designing all my online websites, maintains and runs my blogs, does my web site maintenance and numerous other design projects for me. Easy and pleasant to work with, delivers on time. He’s an integral and reliable part of my business now. Highly recommended..”
“I retained Ron to completely redesign and organize my entire site and collection online thereof. He worked with in a most efficient manner, with my being in Dijon, France and he being in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a remarkable job and accomplishment, and a lot of memories of pleasant hour long phone calls. He can do my work from here on out.”
Michael Evans, Michael Evans Fine Art
“We , at E.A.R.S., would like to express our appreciation for all of your time, talent and hard work in creating our fundraising calendar. We know it was a challenge but you did a beautiful job. The Calendar is something we can all be proud of, thanks to you. You are obviously very talented and we are very grateful. Thanks again.”
E.A.R.S. Board of Directors, Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary