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Why outsource your content development you may ask? Well, when utilizing outsourced content development it frees up your marketing team to focus upon the vital and core parts of the stategy, such as distribution, email marketing and campaigns thereof.

Sometimes figuring out what to write on your website is the hardest part of a design project. Site owners and their team are often at a loss as to how to explain themselves and stay within google’s criteria for “findability”.

Content Writing Services - Designs by RonContent development services came into being because too many of my early clients were languishing over their development of appropriate content for their site. That’s where I stepped in and came up with a plan. Provide me with a “schematic” of your services and or products, toss in a line or two; and with proper and thorough research into the information provided, relevant and engaging content could be created with a “personal” touch; much different and more effective than the boilerplate junk that you get from those “big marketing firms” who don’t know you. They utilize vast libraries of content and generic images for a diverse selection of professionals – and you can SPOT this a mile away.

Here’s how Designs by Ron creates and approaches Content Development:

  • Know your target audience
    1. Who are they? Know your demographics: age range, gender, profession, income level, etc.
    2. Put yourself in their minds. Where do they typically spend time on the web? How do they search for information?
    3. What keywords or keyword phrases would they use to find your service or products?
  • Know your competition
    1. Who are your main competitors and what keywords and phrases are they focusing on?
    2. What sets you apart from your competition? Are there keywords and phrases that you can focus on that set your products and services apart?
  • Define Your Primary Keywords
    1. Choose keywords and keyword phrases best reflect your objectives and audience.
    2. For each page, incorporate these phrases often throughout your website content and Meta data, but be sure the content flows and doesn’t sound like spam.
  • Content Writing - Designs by RonCreate Title and Alt Tags
  1. Title tags are the headings for your pages that appear at the top of the browser window.
  2. They also appear in the search engines when your content matches a particular search query.
  3. Create unique title tags that are relevant to the content on each individual page.
  4. Alt tags are the text that appears when you hover over an image on your page.
  5. Title attributes are the text that appears when you hover over a link on your page.
  6. By taking the time to incorporate relevant keywords in the ALT and Title tags, you increase your search engine optimization.
  7. OPTIMIZE your images – insert meta tag info via photoshop into the image file itself – use relevant keywords and don’t forget the author tags
  • Use Video in your Content
    1. Incorporating professional looking video on your website is one of the best ways to increase your search engine and website results.
    2. Creating a video and placing it on YouTube and other video libraries and incorporating keywords and linking back to your site increases visibility and gives added credibility to your products and services.

Content Development Tips

It is well worth it to take the time to carefully evaluate the content on every page of your website. While reviewing your pages, consider the following questions:

  • How long would it take me to determine the primary purpose of this page?
  • Content Writing - Designs by RonDo you help customers imagine already owning the products or using the services you provide?
  • How are you communicating VALUE to your audience?
  • Do any of the images you provide show the product being used or service being carried out?
  • Do you show pictures of your products that customers can click to enlarge? Do you show more than one image?
  • Do you speak to customers as if they already USE the product or service?
  • If you claim that buying your product or service will save your customer MONEY, did you explain exactly HOW?
  • If you claim that using your product or service will save your customer TIME, did you explain exactly HOW it will save time?
  • Do you give any special offers or incentives to buy right now?
  • Content Writing - Designs by RonLooking at your site, would a customer feel placing a order is secure and safe?
  • How difficult would it be to purchase your product or service using your website?
  • How easy is it to find shipping information and payment options?
  • Is your contact information easy to find on EVERY page?



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What my clients “say”

“OMG – it has ALWAYS been my dream to have an “inter-operable” website! lol! Seriously, thanks for all your help and I am very proud of what we came up with … certainly could not have done it without you and your mad programming skill”
Leann Murphy, Tcs-Audit
“I retained Ron’s services “on the spot” 11 years ago and he has since developed and has been designing all my online websites, maintains and runs my blogs, does my web site maintenance and numerous other design projects for me. Easy and pleasant to work with, delivers on time. He’s an integral and reliable part of my business now. Highly recommended..”
“I retained Ron to completely redesign and organize my entire site and collection online thereof. He worked with in a most efficient manner, with my being in Dijon, France and he being in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a remarkable job and accomplishment, and a lot of memories of pleasant hour long phone calls. He can do my work from here on out.”
Michael Evans, Michael Evans Fine Art
“We , at E.A.R.S., would like to express our appreciation for all of your time, talent and hard work in creating our fundraising calendar. We know it was a challenge but you did a beautiful job. The Calendar is something we can all be proud of, thanks to you. You are obviously very talented and we are very grateful. Thanks again.”
E.A.R.S. Board of Directors, Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary