Project Description

Website Design / Designs by Ron

“deja vu” ancient HTML site

The slate I was presented with was from the old “daze” indeed. Designed within the 800 px by 600 px page size format from way back everything was completely disoriented as to page layout with everything thrown up in the upper left corner, undersized images with numeric names, tags, titles and coding was non- existent. Content where there was any was underwritten and plain and simple offering little information of value.

JS Scripts and old Form Mail was running the boat behind the scenes and that was as outdated Windows 3.1 is now. Amazingly though the email was functioning.

WordPress Development – A Solution for Small Business

Project as Implemented and Completed Involved

  • GOOD Hosting Setup and Configuration
  • Email and Domain Name Transfer
  • WordPress Installation and Configuration
    • Theme Installation and Customization
    • Plugin Installation and Configuration
    • Graphic Design within Adobe Creative Suite CS6 for Logos and Misc Odds N Ends
    • PHP Form Creation and Implementation
    • CSS Coding as per colours
    • SendGrid Mail API Integration for Marketing
    • Image Optimization for Search Engine Optimization
    • All (H) tag integration and Title Tags as per page
    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Integration and Configuration
    • Google Places for Business
    • Social Media Integration
    • WordPress Security and Backup Installation and Completion Thereof