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Print Media / Fundraising Calendar Design

EARS Calendar Design - Designs by Ron


EARS Calendar Cover - Designs by Ron


EARS Calendar Design - Designs by Ron


EARS Calendar Design - Designs by Ron


I always tell myself and others that I relish challenges, but this one took it to the limit. The Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary Board of Directors of Englewood Florida contacted me about laying out, designing and readying for print their 2012 Fundraising Calendar to benefit and raise money for their shelter and facilities and staff that support this institution.

EARS Fundraising Calendar Design - Designs by RonTo raise money to cover the professional printer and design costs they held a contest with a simple admission fee cost and had a staff of independent judges pick the winning pictures of pets in all sorts of situations and predicaments to appear in the top half of the calendar page picture area. Needless to say, it was unique, interesting and brought many a chuckle while designing this one.

They wanted it to be available for sale by early November in time for the shopping season.

It was to be a 13 month (December 2011 through December 2012) in an 11 inch x 17 inch final print size. The top 11 inch x 8 1/2 inch area contained the thumbs of the winners. The corresponding bottom page contained the calendar layout.

First a grid layout needed to be created due to the precision placing of numeric symbols and text that needed to be placed precisely to the pixel for printing to perfection. On top of that within two of the day grid areas, a smaller grid area of the previous and the next month was placed.

Finally the days were numerically added and clip art paws applied for a nice visual effect. The business card information for each advertising contributor was then added appropriately as per placement specifications provided thereto.

E.A.R.S. Testimonial - Designs by RonThrough contact with the printer, initiated before beginning the design, I was provided with the final specifications for color, font sizes, resolutions, file formats and various specifications such as margins and gaps with header.

All in all it was quite a learning curve and definitely a successful endeavour. Shortly after the printing a package arrived in the post box. Voila! Three (3) sealed copies of my printed work with this thank you note tucked inside.

It was an honor to do work for such an organization.

EARS Fundraising Calendar Design - Designs by Ron