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Tips for an Engaging Newsletter

As a business owner, you’re already aware that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That being said what’s one of the most effective marketing tools for building your brand, engaging with customers, and closing sales? An email newsletter. Sent on a regular basis, a content-based email newsletter not only helps your company stay top-of-mind, but also showcases your business, services and/or products.

The Benefits of Email Newsletter Marketing - Designs by Ron

If you have decided to use email marketing or newsletters as part of your online strategy, congratulations! If you haven’t; well then I’d say it’s time to get busy. Pay attention to your customers, what they are looking for, what they are buying, which of your services ranks highest, what can I provide them, and more. But you also have to Keep It Simple!

Therein lies the key:

  • Simple
  • Concise
  • Calls to Action
  • Great Content

Follow the criteria set forth below and you’ll be able to initiate or maintain email newsletter campaigns with your clientele and/or customer base.

First off – go to https://mailchimp.com and sign up for a free account. They give you up to 2,000 subscribers with a 12,000 (yes twelve thousand) FREE emails per month, 100% in applicance with ICANN internet email standards, and a great design backend that anyone proficient with design software can master to create stunning, mobile responsive newsletters. And don’t forget – it’s free.

I have several clients who came to me to manage their email campaigns from concept through creation. The majority of them had PAID accounts at either Icontact or ConstantContact and were paying for exactly what they now get for free at mailchimp. Across the board all the benefits of the paid accounts can be found at mailchimp for nothing as long as you meet the requirements of under 2,000 subscribers; and many small businesses do.

Newsletter Image Constraints and Ratio - Designs by RonYou can preview your newsletters on the fly in three views; desktop, tablet and mobile. All you really need to do though is master the layout specification and size and optimize all images accordingly. Basically you are designing on a webpage 600 pixels in width. So ratio everything you want to align within text on that, and for banners and such make you width 590 to allow for padding. And use your “alt” and “title” tags on all images and manually insert the “title” tags on text links. This is vital for search engine optimization and “findability”.

Craft a memorable or catchy subject line

Don’t write one, create one. You only have a fraction of a second to grab their attention so make it count. One of the best email marketing tips I can give you is to tell people WHY they should open your email. Tell them what they will learn, let them know how you can help them, be upfront about what they will get from clicking on your call to action. Your subject line is just as important and in some cases more important that your content.
Another of the easiest email marketing tips to consider is the teaser text. Usually at the very top of almost any email newsletter template is a small dialog box that says something such as “Use this area to offer a short teaser of your email’s content.” In most commonly used email clients, including gmail, the text entered in this area shows up in the preview before the user even opens an email. If you don’t change that text, guess what the reader sees in that preview? That’s right… he sees the default text which usually reads like this – “Use this area to offer a short teaser of your email’s content.” and that looks pretty unprofessional and doesn’t give a very good first impression.

Keep it Simple

From layout to content, simple is best when it comes to email marketing tips. If your message is overly long, most recipients will not read it to the end. People just don’t take the time anymore. Say what you need to say and leave it at that.

Newsletter Tips - Designs by RonAs for design, i recommend utilizing your website theme and colors into the mix to give yourself a sense of familiarity to your users. Make your headings the same hex code as those within your website. Try to stay with the same fonts and colors. Use divider spans to separate your offers and/or topics and make sure your images are optimized and tagged.

Don’t rush through it. As a proficient graphic designer as well as web developer I still find that even with a pre-configured template I created; from concept through creation it still takes me a solid hour and a half to complete a newsletter. One that is 100% optimized for google, for findability, and for responsive viewing. So it does take time, but hey… If you’re going to do something, Do It Right.

These email marketing tips are easy to implement but can make a huge difference in your email marketing campaigns. So make your emails worth opening and reading, and watch your business grow.

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