Search Engine Optimization
straight from the horse’s mouth

Matt Cutts – Wordcamp 2009
Wordpress and Search Engine Optimization

This has to be the BEST explanation of Search Engine Optimization I’ve ever come across. Even though it is now 10 years old it is still very much relevant to this day. Presented by Matt Cutts, whom many refer to as “Mr. Google himself”, at Wordcamp 2009; this seminar explains what google considers proper s.e.o., the baffling things people do to try to rank a site and is full of insight and humor.

Within he explains how to properly configure a word press site for search engine optimization while giving examples of what considers terrible websites while explaining why he considers the vast majority (90%) of sites are. In this short 46 minute seminar you can hear from yourself from google itself what NOT to do and what you need to do.

As relevant today as it was back then. And a must see for any business owner considering developing an online presence today.