Project Description

The development of a 2020 Shade Tree Commission Master Plan for the boro of Franklin Lakes, N.J. involved researching provided content and creation of a Powerpoint Presentation and an Adobe Acrobat PDF of the same. The 2020 Shade Tree Master Plan outlined the boro’s sustainable landscaping criteria to promote an investment strategy for creating a healthier,
more livable, and prosperous Franklin Lakes.

2020 Shade Tree Commission Master Plan Development:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Configuration and layout of 28 pages
    • Colour selection and Text formatting
    • Insertion and sizing of content text and headings thereof
    • Image sizing and optimization and layout within text
  • PDF Converstion
    • Creating a pdf version of the powerpoint presentation for web viewing
    • Insertion of links as per specifications
2020 Shade Tree Plan