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Project Description


  • Website Maintenance - Designs by Ron
  • Website Maintenance - Designs by Ron
  • Website Maintenance - Designs by Ron

Updates / Backups

Clientele / Site Specific Website Maintenance

Just like your company vehicles, personal car or recreational vehicle, you wouldn’t just run it and run it and run it without a checkup, inspection and regular maintenance. Your website is EXACTLY the same, and as a significant investment developing, it is well worthwhile initiating some plan of action to maintain your presence online with scheduled checkups to update core plugins, themes and complete other changes as per; while also having a backup plan in case of the “unthinkable” server crash or hack attack by maintaining off-server backups of your entire website.

These backups add the ability to COMPLETELY restore your site to the latest backup within a minimal three (3) to four (4) hour time frame. Restore time is dependent upon size of backup, ftp to server off site files and response time for checking site.

Website Maintenance Clientele

Billed Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Quarterly – Site Maintenance Plans tailored to site specifications

  • Plugin / Theme / WordPress Updates
  • E-commerce Updates / Configuration
  • Payment Gateway Maintenance
  • Scheduled Backups – entire site
    • download off server
  • Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools Monitoring
    • Site updates as per
  • Content Creation – Blog Posting
    • Social Media Integration
  • Tech Support 24/7
  • Misc Marketing and Research